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Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services
Autism Consultancy Services

COVID-19 Pandemic

Undoubtedly, the current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic has forced us all to face extraordinary challenges to our way of life… how we operate our practices … how we deliver care.

ACS is thinking of all of you during this time of uncertainty. We have adopted the Ethics Guidance for ABA Providers during this pandemic, as announced by the BACB (See Here). An extract from this guidance is the following:
“… certificants providing services to vulnerable individuals must first comply with all government mandates (1.04(d) of the Code). Assuming there are no mandates to the contrary, the service provider must determine if the risk of suspending services is greater than the risk of continuing to provide services. If continuing services is a consideration, the certificant must then determine if services can be delivered in a manner that does not unduly increase the risk of exposure to COVID-19. In the event that services should be suspended, the next step is to determine how services can be supplemented (e.g., provide telehealth services, develop maintenance and generalization programming, create home-based program materials, move to parent consultation via telehealth) to minimize disruptions (i.e., minimize loss of critical skills)”.

Provision of TeleHealth ABA Programmes has been a part of our services for years now. We are extending the same services for all our “in-person” programmes in an effort to minimise the disruption for our vulnerable ones.

We will all together succeed in putting this nightmare behind us for ever...

Dr Christos Nikopoulos Founder & CEO

About ACS

ACS is directed by Dr Christos Nikopoulos BCBA-D, who also serves as the Applied Research Representative of EABA. He provides consultation for assessments, setting-up programmes, training, workshops and supervisions for CPD requirements as well as reports for tribunal processes.

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ACS offers consultations with regards to assessments, home-based, school-based and TeleHealthABA programmes, parent workshops, tutor and other professionals training.

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ACS provides ABA Consultancy Services to individuals with autism and their families either “in-person” or “remotely” (TeleHealth; online) anywhere in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Europe, Australia, Dubai, Saudi-Arabia, India and many other countries.

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