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Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and those who also present co-occurring conditions such as Intellectual Difficulties/Disabilities, Feeding disorders, ADHD etc., will often not achieve the ability to function independently without appropriate intervention. Research has established Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) as effective that has substantial scientific evidence for causing large improvements.

Apart from “Top-quality consultation/supervision”, ABA programs should be implemented by competent and experienced ABA Tutors. The need for structuring efficient home- and school-based ABA programs is critical in countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where ABA is still in its infancy. Autism Consultancy Services (London, UK) have developed this website to cover this need and to facilitate the recruitment process.

ABA Tutors can submit their CV, which will be able to be viewed only by registered families. Likewise, families can post their job offers, which can be viewed only by the registered ABA Tutors. Upon request, ABA Tutors can be interviewed by the worldwide Expert and Director of Autism Consultancy Services, Dr Christos Nikopoulos BCBA-D, MBPsS, CSci, FHEA. Please contact here for further details.

ABA Tutors

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