Our BCBA-D Consultant and Associates provide services for:

Developing an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program focused on Verbal Behaviour, after having thoroughly assessed the child's current abilities and skill levels, following principles and protocols as guided by the Science of Behaviour Analysis.

Assisting parents in recruiting appropriate tutors/therapists to administer the ABA program according their child's needs.

​Recommending materials/ resources to be incorporated into the ABA program useful in carrying out autism therapy.

Ongoing monitoring and evaluating the ABA program, including chairing team meetings with therapists and parents, analysing statistical information kept on the ABA program and advising parents of any modifications, enhancements, or other changes to ABA program as informed by the child's progress.

Providing ongoing support and training to tutors/therapists as well as to parents.

Assisting parents with the preparation of behaviourally based reports for tribunal, statements and EHCP or other funding related contexts based on assessment of the child and his/her achievements in the context of his/her current ABA programmes.​

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