Training 1

Further education should constitute an integral part of everyone (e.g., parents, tutors, therapists etc.) who is involved in the provision of an ABA programme for individuals with ASD. Therefore, a number of training sessions are organised and delivered, including Autism workshops focused on areas such as described below:

  • Activities of Daily Living (e.g., dressing, feeding, bathing, toileting, grooming etc).
  • Academic Skills (e.g., Literacy, Maths etc).
  • Social Skills​ (e.g., co-operative play, sharing skills, ​social initiation, attention, listening skills, following directions).
  • Play Skills.
  • Verbal Behaviour​ Communication Skills.
  • Motor Skills​ (e.g., pre-writing and writing skills, scissors, manipulative skills, eye-hand co-ordination, balance spatial awareness)​.
  • Assistive Technology in Therapy.
  • Registered Behaviour Technician™ course.
  • Supervision BCBA as well as BCaBA certification.

Training 2

Mission Statement

To bring science into everyday practice with an ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities. This is achieved because we provide high standard, individualised educational services and therapy programmes focused on Verbal Behaviour.